Machine for flexo printing



Types of material: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE

Number of printing stations: 6

Max. Web width: 1060 mm

Max. Printing width: 1000 mm

Length reprints: 250 - 800 mm

Max. speed of the equipment: 100 m / min

Print speed: 80 m / min.

Plate thickness: 2.4 mm (including double-sided tape)

Drying Type: Electric


A. Section includes unwinding:

- Double unwinding positioned vertically above each other

- The mechanical brake

- 2 sets of shafts and holders

- Inner diameter of the sleeve 76 mm

- Max. roll diameter of 600 mm


B. Printing Machine consists of:

- The main drive

- Vibration-free steel frame.

- Roll forming gears are rotated directly from the main gear.

- Metal anilox rollers on each printing unit.

- Bath paint at each printing unit.

- Printed rolls

- Manual removal, side printing unit.

- Mechanisms for manual longitudinal and transverse print settings while the machine.

- Rubber rollers on each printing unit.

- Printing 6 colors may print 1+ 5, 2+ 4, 3+ 3.


C. The upper frame includes:

- Aluminum guide rollers

- Two post-drying unit


D. Section of winding:

- Double forward, mounted one above the other

- Two sets of rollers and holders

- Roll diameter of 600 mm

- Inner diameter of the sleeve 76 mm