Bag Machine (reclame)



1 Comp Auto conveyor

1 Comp Welding plate

1 Comp Servo gear

1 Comp Photosensor for the package

2 Comp System to maintain tension through a "ballerina"

2 Comp Drive film feeding

1 Comp Tuck the bottom of the package assembly

1 Comp Automatic hot node gain knob

1 Comp Automatic cutting unit handless, hydraulic, and pneumatic system

2 Comp Temperature Controller (for independent temperature control of welding a knife)

1 Comp Node unwinding

1 Comp Photosensor end of the film

1 Comp Node control the unwind edge (EPC)

1 Comp Hot site for soldering pen loop

1 Comp Hot node gain weld bottom package

1 Comp Node cutting holes (punch)



Package Width: 1000 mm / max.

Package Height: 650 mm / max.

Film Thickness: 0.040-0.2 mm.

Capacity: 50 pcs. per minute.

Heating power: 3 kW.

Power of the machine: 10 kW.

Power Machines: 7 kW