Bag Machine (T-shirt)

High-speed automatic machine for the production of T-shirt Package




2 Comp Hot needle (to prevent sticking of moving the line of weld)

1 Comp Auto conveyor

2 Comp welding plate (rotary type).

2 Comp Servo gear

1 Comp Photosensor for package with the seal

4 Comp drive to feed the film

2 Comp Automatic cutting unit handles

4 Comp Temperature Controller (for independent temperature control of welding a knife)

4 Commission unwinding unit.

2 Comp node handles cutting, hydraulic, and pneumatic system.

2 pc blanking dies width 140 mm



Package Width: 320 mm x 2 stream / max.

Packet Length: 750 mm / max.

Film Thickness: 0.008-0.035 mm.

Productivity: 100 pcs. per minute for each line.

Heating power: 3 kW.