Pipe products

LLP "Kazakhstan Petrochemical Company CHEMICAL" produces the form of tubular products:

1) Pressure pipes of polyethylene corresponding to GOST 18599-2001 made from HDPE PE80 and PE100
grades. They are used for transportation of water, as well as other liquid and gaseous substances.

2) Pipe gas pipeline corresponding to GOST R50838-95 produced from HDPE PE100 grade. Applied
for the transportation of flammable gases are intended as a fuel for industrial and household use.

3) Pipes relevant technological standards, the organization made of PVC or HDPE PE80 and PE100
grades. They are used in industrial wells in underground skazhennom leaching, as well as for the
transportation of other liquid and gaseous substances to which the PVC racks.Specifications.


4) fittings (adapters, tees, elbows, filters, plugs, etc.) appropriate standards organization, made from
PVC or HDPE PE80 PE100 or. They are used for technological purposes during the docking tubes of
different diameter, piping, filtration, transporting materials and other technical characteristics. Specifications.